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Hey there, love...

Can we talk about you for a sec?

You’re a woman who values your freedom of expression, a well-made margarita, and Friday nights out on the town with friends.


You’re not afraid to turn heads. You’re one to watch. But you know your spirit is more than looks, parties, and the latest fashions. You own the room like a powerhouse but you’re really a sweetie – just a minute in your company and others feel your warm-hearted glow.


You’re the type of woman I design for.


Meu amor, attitude is everything. And yours is magnetic.


Always Made With Love


As a young girl, I was perpetually designing clothes and accessories on paper, and my mum would use her sewing machine, and lots of creativity, to breathe them into life. No matter how outlandish the design, she would do it. We collaborated with giddy excitement and made everything with love. I was hooked.


Early in my career, I was drawn to work in the jewelry industry in my hometown of Sao Paulo. Jewels and rare objects have always intrigued me. I’m attracted to the unusual, be it designs or people. The unusual stirs things up - be it emotions or conversations. They create mystery, thrills, and drama.


Don’t you agree?

Let’s Change The World, Girl!


The heart of Katherineland is fiercely joyful. My team and I are global citizens. We love traveling to the corners of the world. We see inspiration in everything. We have a passion for finding - or creating, our individual destiny. Focused on living life to the fullest, we work and play equally hard.


Katherineland amplifies your positivity.






on the positive vibes.


We like to see you strut your stuff and wear your confidence on your hip because we know your spirit is contagious. And we are creating a tribe of confident, empowered, warm-hearted women who spread their optimism around the globe.


At our heart, we know that every woman is yearning to show her positive light - her unique way of making the world a little brighter. We love helping her do it with flamboyant, brave, distinctive, and spirited designs that get attention.


Positive attention, of course.


Defined by our ability to twist a classic design into a show-stopping conversation piece, our bags are strikingly irresistible.


And by the way, so are you.